Aug 2016-Nov 2017 Schedule!

click here for 2016-2017 classes workshops & lessons!

Fitness Classes are in 8-week sessions, though you are more than welcome to ‘Drop-In’ at any time!

Music & Acting Lessons and Personal Training are not on any set schedule – so call, text or email me and let’s get started!

For a more complete picture of who I am, please see my full website:

A bit about me:  I have ‘recently’ moved to the Rome, NY area and am very excited to be here!  My husband is from Constableville, so he’s the one who lovingly yanked me away from my beloved NYC!  🙂

As a small-town, Iowa native, I went to college in Iowa and then moved to NYC.  I’ve performed and taught for over 20 years and truly feel blessed to LOVE what I do!

I am a desperately practical artsy-fartsy kind of gal.  I believe in following your dreams… as long as you have a practical plan.  Without that plan, your dreams will not come to fruition and those who actually follow their dreams are few and far between, so it is very important to have A) a plan and B) the proper tools to accomplish your goal.

I also believe in FUN!  The best learning whether is it music, fitness, acting… or anything, is when there is a good combination of focus and laughter!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


Questions? Please contact Jennifer via email or cell. or 646-526-8312

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