Business of the Business

This seminar is currently not on Jennifer’s teaching schedule.  However, if you are interested, please contact Jennifer as she is willing to teach if enough participants (4) are interested.

The Business of the Business Seminar – For all ages of performing artists (singers, actors, dancers, models)  Seminar is approximately 2 hours in length depending on number of participants, discussion and Q&A time.

This is a MUST ATTEND seminar for:

  • Beginning Performing Artist who wants to make an intelligent career or hobby choice (ie- know what you are getting into)
  • The Performing Artist looking to take their craft to the highest artistic level

Seminar Topics Include:
1. Required Business Tools     6. Your Marketing Plan
2. Headshot And Resume        7. The Audition
3. Working Office Space           8. The Job Search
4. Knowing Your Product         9. Taxes
5. Improving Your Craft          10. I Have An Agent, Now What?

Fee of Seminar: $30 per participant if received 2 weeks prior to the seminar date; otherwise, $40 per.
NOTES: Need a minimum of 4 participants for the seminar to run. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. (No charge for the accompanying adult.)

All Participants Must Bring

  • Headshot & Resume (If Available, Not Required)
  • Notebook & Pen or Pencil

Questions? Please contact Jennifer via email or cell. or 646-526-8312

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